Delayed skin aging, hair growth & care effect

We are developing and marketing stem cell cultures used in cosmetics as raw cosmetic materials, based on stem cell culture studies.

Our stem cell culture fluids have been listed in the International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient (INCI) as  Human Adipose Stromal Cell Conditioned Media, and are currently on sale.

The growth factor analysis of the stem cell culture was completed, and the skin aging delay, hair  growth and care effects were confirmed by animal tests and Chungnam National University’s dermatology department.

Additionally, the study on the safety of the culture was conducted with Biotoxtech, a GLP organization, and its validity was confirmed through Dermapro.


Cosmetic involved in skin whitening and wrinkle care for younger appearing skin

2 Cellonskin

Cellonskin® is the world’s only unique cosmetic product made from your own stem cell culture. It is a cosmetic product that is involved in skin whitening and wrinkle management for younger appearing skin that is the long-awaited desire of women. It contains stem cell culture fluid developed through continuous biotechnology research. It contains a large amount of growth factors for the purpose of new skin regeneration, which helps collagen production and helps to form elastic skin.

Secret Snow

A magical recipe that creates white and elastic skin

Revital Mask Plus

Premium dual functionality (skin whitening, wrinkle improvement) deluxe mask pack with an added stem cell culture liquid


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