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A source of skin nutrition

   Efficacy of Stem Cell Culture Fluid

Stem cell culture fluid is a “source of skin nutrition” that has a regenerative effect when the skin is damaged. We are known for our premium cosmetic raw material with the inclusion of various growth factors, cytokines, fiber-binding substances, collagen, etc., useful for human skin.

   Differentiation of Stem Cell Culture

Cellonskin stem cell culture is an excellent and reliable cosmetic raw material, directly cultivated by EHL Bio, a Diet Medical Group stem cell research company

  • Meeting the requirements of the “Safety Criteria for Human Cell and Tissue Culture Liquids” (toxicity test, skin irritation test, genotoxicity test, human skin test, etc.) for the Cosmetic Safety Standards (notification no. 2000-27)
  • International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary (ICID) – Cosmetic raw materials listed in the “International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary” are recognized as world proven cosmetic raw materials
  • It is a reliable cosmetic raw material that is exported all over the world

   Usage Effect – Whitening

Test results of the whitening and wrinkle-reducing effect of cellonskin stem cell culture solution

(January 2016, Dermapro in., co.)

  Reduction of intracellular melanin production

Cellonskin stem cell culture reduces melanin production by 49%, resulting in a whiter, brighter skin

  Inhibition of tyrosinase activity

By inhibiting tyrosinase activity, melanin pigment formation is prevented and a whitening effect can be obtained

  Suppress DOPA oxidation activity

Inhibiting DOPA activity prevents the production of melanin

   Usage Effect – Wrinkle Improvement

  Increased production of intracellular collagen

The stem cell culture increases the production of intracellular collagen, improving the moisturizing effect and providing an excellent wrinkle-reducing effect

  Inhibition of intracellular collagenase activity

Stem cell cultures efficiently inhibit the activity of collagenase and maintains skin elasticity

   Comparison Before and After Use

11 Before After


40-120 nm nano cell body containing various physiologically active substances

12 Exosome
  • An exosome is a 40-120 nm nano cell body that is secreted by all cells and contains various physiologically active substances for intracellular information exchange
  • The exosomes secreted by stem cells play an important role in tissue regeneration, as they contain the therapeutic effects of stem cells; ie., genes, proteins and growth factors related to cell proliferation, differentiation and regeneration
  • Exosomes have the ability to improve wrinkles and regenerate skin, and also contain many collagen synthesis and skin regeneration factors to repair UV damaged fibroblasts
  • EHL Bio uses exosomes for the development of various disease treatments and functional cosmetic ingredients
    • Fat reconstruction using exosomes extracted from stem cell culture
    • Degenerative Arthritis: Research on articular cartilage regenerative medicine
    • Pain Control: Research on combined pain syndrome therapeutics
    • New method of functional cosmetics research

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