Immune Cell Therapy

PBMCs were isolated from the blood and cultured. Cells were then treated with the immobilized immune cells.

‘Keycell-IM’ is a cell therapy product filled with activated immune cells collected by drawing blood from a patient and separating the PBMC from the blood. It is under research & development as an anti-cancer cell treatment agent.

We are developing the ‘Keycell-IM’ product with the goal of applying for the clinical trial plan approval from the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in the second half of 2017.

 PBMC (Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell) is isolated from the autologous serum and culture for 2 weeks

 Under development with the aim of targeting 4 major cancer types

 Established the current process and completed a single dose toxicity test

 Repeated dose toxicity studies in progress

Lymphocyte marker

  • NK cells: CD3-CD56+ (CD16+)
  • NKT cells: CD3+CD56+
  • T cells: CD3+CD56-CD19-
  • B cells: CD19+CD56-

 NKG2D express in activated NK and T cells (effector cell)

Ex vivo expanded killer cell has high cytotoxicity against cancer

  • Immune cells isolated from blood and activated
  • Activated immune cells recognize specific cancer cell antigens and selectively destroys cancer cells without attacking normal cells
  • Increases the immunity of the body to promote disease defences
  • The immune cell can be stored and used at a later date

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